Showing dogs the love they give humanity

Over 670,000 dogs perish in animal shelters every year in the us. You can help give them a second chance at a happy life.

Over 670,000 dogs perish in animal shelters every year due to overcrowding, medical problems, behavioral concerns, and other circumstances that prevent them from being adopted. Many of these issues could be managed or resolved - but due to lack of time, budget, and resources at these disadvantaged shelters, the dogs are unable to receive the attention and care they need.

With your support, we strive to take in as many of these dogs as possible and provide them with a safe haven, proper medical treatment, humane training, and responsible adoption programs so they can still have a chance to live long, happy lives and find their forever homes.

So far in 2020, your support has enabled us to:

  • Rescue & find homes for over 870 homeless dogs
  • Take in 882+ dogs in need from shelters across the mid-Atlantic region
  • Provide treatment for 23 heartworm positive dogs  
  • Sponsor the growth & placement of 11 litters of puppies
  • Provide life changing surgery & treatment for 9 dogs with severe medical conditions

But our work is far from done!  

There are so many more lives to save, but they need your help. Donors and sponsors are truly the life blood of organizations like ours. Adoption fees support only a fraction of our operating costs. Without your kindness and generosity, it would be impossible to put our mission into action.

This campaign uses your gift where most needed at the rescue.  It may be applied to virtually any aspect of the rescue’s operations - including veterinary costs, utilities, food, vaccines, crates, blankets, transports and other necessities required to accomplish our mission.

Thank you so much for your generous contribution!  We couldn’t do it without you!


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